P-Pool - Verwaltung

P-Pool® Managing parking time allotments

P-Pool are systems for using existing parking areas more efficiently. Applications include downtown car parks or parking levels associated with apartment house communities. The idea is that multiple car park owners combine their parking spaces and then use them jointly (pooling and sharing). The system manages the existing car park capacities and parking time allotments. Either long-term or time-restricted parkers can be managed.

How does it work?

All car parks are equipped with single space sensors used to register the occupancy of each individual space. The car park owners have password-protected access to the system over a network. When a parking space is occupied, the user must report his parking space number to one of the car park owners. The latter then releases parking from his terminal for the desired time. The parking time is charged on the parking time account of the owner. If a parking action is not reported within a grace period or if the allowed parking time is exceeded, the system automatically generates a message and the parking violation can be imposed. The messages can also be sent via email or as an SMS to an authorized security service which takes it from there.

Features P-Pool

  • Automatic managing of parking time allotments
  • Automatic reporting of parking violations
  • Accurate detection with individual space sensors
  • Automatic detection of stop times
  • Manages short- or long-term parkers
  • Uses existing PCs as the input terminals
  • System access password-protected
  • Sends messages via email or SMS (Option)
  • Transparent management, parking time accounts can be viewed at any time
  • User-friendly
  • Maintenance-free
  • Low operating costs